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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

The LOBOS varsity team has had the best season compared to last year. In previous seasons, they lost a lot of games and failed to qualify for the CIF.

Coach Sandro (Athletic Director) and Coach Razo (Head Coach) did their best to prepare the team for the battle.

The players displayed great gamemanship in all their matches even coming close to beating their rival team; Santiago.

Given that only two teams advance to CIF, LOBOS came out 3rd and had to play on a wild card.

On their final game against Kennedy High School, the LOBOS team lost at home field. This denied them the chance to move further in the CIF.

Watch what Kevin Ignacio (LOBOS Varsity player) had to say ahead of the game.

Here is LOBOS record for this season.

Overall W11-L7-T3 League W5-L4-T1 National Rank 911 State (CA) Rank 379

W- wins, L- Loss, T- Ties

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