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Will it ever change?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

The Cavaliers and the LOBOS met again for the final battle of the season. This game meant more than the season itself. In this game, only one of the Garden Grove School District JV's Giants could remain standing.

Mauricio and Johnathan switching positions in the middle of the game

The Cavaliers had an advantage on points but at this juncture anything could happen. Speaking of which, 20 minutes into the intense game, Jonathan Alarcon of the LOBOS took on two players on the right wing and dribbled into the 18 box. Facing the goalie and one more defender, he did the unselfish thing any team player could have done. He passed the ball to Daniel Benavides who fired a cannon giving the LOBOS a lead.

Alexis Gutierrez looking for options during the play.

The Cavaliers seemed to have lost hope on being the Giants. They kept losing the ball as fast as they got it. Their coach was also seen walking up and down the bench area giving orders to his players who seemed out of the game.

With too many subs that did not yield any fruits, the LOBOS kept giving the Cavaliers the amount of pressure to shut them down on their own home ground.

Game of speed and strength between Jose and Cavalier winnger. Photo by Dartsland

On the other side of the field, the LOBOS varsity were in control of the game with the similar lead. Constant pressure and great display of ball distribution and communication.

Both teams held their own until a foul was given to the Cavaliers JV about 30 yards away from the goal. This must have been their redemption moment. Their free-kick specialist fired the ball past the crowd of players in front of the goalie causing a huge distraction. This almost backfired when Brandon Santos aka the Santos brothers dove and seemed to have saved the ball. Given the amount of power, the ball slipped past his arms and the goal line earning the Cavaliers a redeemer.

Minutes later, the varsity equalized too. This was a clear indication on how synchronized this game was.

"Prrrr...prrrr...prrrr" That was the end of the game with both teams tied at 1:1.

This type of game play and the rivalry still in question does really beg the question. Will it ever end?

Next away game for the LOBOS will be February 8th 2018 against La Quinta High School.

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