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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Minutes after the whistle blew, the Lobos managed to get a quick lead following a devastating mistake by the Bolsa Grande's goal keeper. Fortunately Daniel Benavides was quick to take advantage of Xavier Valencia’s assist to make the score 1-0. 10 minutes into the game, Los Amigos aka LOBOS won their first corner. This yield another harvest for the LOBOS when Brandon Alfaro turned the header given by Daniel Valdez into another goal!

At the beginning of Second half, the Lobos were pulled a step back with a superb goal from Bolsa making it 2-1.

Desperate for a better lead, the team managed to get another goal ahead with a spectacular volley in by Daniel Valdez and a well placed cross by Mauricio Rodriguez. Still hungry for more Xavier Valencia accurately gave the ball to Brandon Alfaro who confidently dribbled through 2 Bolsa players before sealing the score of 4-1.

Great performance by all the team members, however the right back stood out with his phenomenal fight to keep the team safe from conceding any more goals. The Man Of The Match was none other than Derick Villegas.

More is expected of the team on the upcoming match against the rivals Santiago High School!

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