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Kaisika Puranam In Tamil Pdf Download

Kaisika Puranam in Tamil PDF Download

Kaisika Puranam is a story that narrates the glory of Lord Narayana and His devotee Nampaduvan, a low-caste singer who was devoted to Thirukurungudi Nambi, an aspect of Lord Narayana. The story is recited on the auspicious day of Kaisika Ekadasi, which falls in the month of Karthigai (November-December) in the Tamil calendar.

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The story is based on the Varaha Puranam, one of the 18 major Puranas in Hinduism. The Varaha Puranam contains a section called Kaisika Mahathmyam, which describes the greatness of Kaisika Ekadasi and the legend of Nampaduvan. The story is also found in other sources, such as the Divya Prabandham, a collection of Tamil hymns composed by the Alvars, the saint-poets of Vaishnavism.

The story goes like this: Nampaduvan was a Brahmin by birth, but he was born with a deformity that made him look like a demon. He was abandoned by his parents and raised by a low-caste family. He developed a deep love for Thirukurungudi Nambi and sang praises of Him every day. On one Kaisika Ekadasi, he was on his way to the temple to offer his songs, when he was stopped by a fierce demon named Brahma Rakshasa. The demon wanted to eat Nampaduvan, but Nampaduvan pleaded with him to let him go to the temple first and promised to return after his worship. The demon agreed, but warned him not to break his promise.

Nampaduvan went to the temple and sang his songs with great devotion. He also met a sage named Soma Sharma, who advised him not to go back to the demon, as he would surely kill him. Nampaduvan refused to break his promise and said that he had faith in Thirukurungudi Nambi. He returned to the demon and offered himself as his food. The demon was astonished by his honesty and asked him why he did not escape. Nampaduvan said that he did not want to incur the sin of lying and that he wanted to please Thirukurungudi Nambi.

The demon was moved by his words and asked him to teach him the songs that he sang. Nampaduvan taught him the songs and explained their meanings. He also told him about the benefits of observing Kaisika Ekadasi, which can free one from all sins and grant liberation. The demon realized his mistakes and repented for his past deeds. He asked Nampaduvan to forgive him and bless him. Nampaduvan forgave him and blessed him with the grace of Thirukurungudi Nambi.

At that moment, Thirukurungudi Nambi appeared before them and praised them both for their virtues. He said that Nampaduvan had attained His favor by his devotion and truthfulness, and that the demon had attained His mercy by his repentance and surrender. He granted them both liberation and took them to His abode.

The story of Kaisika Puranam teaches us the importance of devotion, truthfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and surrender. It also shows us how Kaisika Ekadasi can bestow us with these qualities and help us attain the supreme goal of life.

If you want to read the full story of Kaisika Puranam in Tamil, you can download the PDF file from this link: [Kaisika Puranam - Text in Tamil]. You can also listen to the recitation or watch the video of the story from these links: [Recitation - by M A Venkatakrishnan Swami], [Video - by Ayyangar Kitchen].


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