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Adobe Photoshop Cs 9 Free Download

Adobe Photoshop CS 9 Free Download: Is It Worth It?

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular and powerful photo editing software in the world. It offers a wide range of features and tools that can help you create stunning images, graphics, and designs. But what if you want to try it out for free? Is there a way to download Adobe Photoshop CS 9 for free and legally? And is it worth it?

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What is Adobe Photoshop CS 9?

Adobe Photoshop CS 9, also known as Adobe Photoshop CS2, is the ninth major version of the software that was released in 2005. It introduced some new features and improvements, such as:

  • Smart Objects: These are layers that can be scaled, rotated, warped, and transformed without losing quality.

  • Camera Raw 3.0: This is a plug-in that allows you to edit raw images from digital cameras.

  • Image Warp: This is a tool that lets you distort an image by dragging control points.

  • Vanishing Point: This is a tool that allows you to clone, paint, and transform images in perspective.

  • Spot Healing Brush: This is a tool that automatically removes blemishes and imperfections from an image.

  • Red-Eye Correction: This is a tool that automatically detects and fixes red eyes in photos.

  • Lens Correction: This is a tool that corrects common lens distortions, such as barrel and pincushion effects.

  • Customizable Menus and Workspaces: This feature allows you to customize the interface of Photoshop according to your preferences and needs.

How to Download Adobe Photoshop CS 9 for Free?

If you want to download Adobe Photoshop CS 9 for free, you might be tempted to look for illegal or cracked versions online. However, this is not a good idea, as it can expose you to various risks, such as:

  • Viruses and Malware: These are malicious programs that can harm your computer or steal your personal information.

  • Lawsuits and Fines: These are legal consequences that you might face if you violate the intellectual property rights of Adobe or other parties.

  • Poor Performance and Quality: These are issues that you might encounter if you use a faulty or outdated version of Photoshop.

  • Lack of Support and Updates: These are disadvantages that you might suffer if you use an unofficial or unsupported version of Photoshop.

Fortunately, there is a legal and safe way to download Adobe Photoshop CS 9 for free. In 2013, Adobe made some of its older software products available for free on its website. This includes Adobe Photoshop CS 9, which you can download from the following link:

To download Adobe Photoshop CS 9 for free, you will need to create an Adobe account or sign in with an existing one. You will also need to enter a serial number that is provided on the same page. After downloading and installing the software, you will be able to use it without any limitations or restrictions.

Is Adobe Photoshop CS 9 Worth It?

Downloading Adobe Photoshop CS 9 for free might seem like a great deal, but is it really worth it? The answer depends on your needs and expectations. Here are some pros and cons of using Adobe Photoshop CS 9 in 2023:


  • It's Free: You don't have to pay anything to use Adobe Photoshop CS 9.

  • It's Legal: You don't have to worry about breaking any laws or rules by using Adobe Photoshop CS 9.

  • It's Powerful: You can still use many of the features and tools that make Photoshop a great photo editing software.

  • It's Compatible: You can still open and edit files that were created with newer versions of Photoshop.


  • It's Outdated: You will miss out on many of the improvements and innovations that were introduced in the later versions of Photoshop.

  • It's Unsupported: You will not receive any technical support or updates from Adobe for Adobe Photoshop CS 9.

  • It's Risky: You might encounter some compatibility or security issues when using Adobe Photoshop CS 9 on newer operating systems or devices.

  • It's Limited: You will not be able to access some of the features and services that are available with the current version of Photoshop, such as Creative Cloud, Photoshop Express, or Photoshop Camera.


Adobe Photoshop CS 9 is a free and legal way to download and use one of the most popular and powerful photo editing software in the world. However, it is also an outdated and unsupported version that might not meet your needs and expectations in 2023. Therefore, you should consider your options carefully before deciding whether to download Adobe Photoshop CS 9 for free or not.

If you want to use the latest and best version of Photoshop, you can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, which gives you access to Photoshop and other Adobe software products for a monthly or annual fee. You can also try out Photoshop for free for 7 days by downloading it from the official Adobe website. Alternatively, you can use some of the free alternatives to Photoshop, such as GIMP, Pixlr, or Paint.NET, which offer similar features and functions for photo editing.

Whatever you choose, we hope that this article has helped you learn more about Adobe Photoshop CS 9 and how to download it for free. Happy photo editing!


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